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3.5 million people still use AOL dialup

And they're not all hipsters

3.5 million people still use AOL dialup
04 November 2011

With your smartphone and laptop providing you with a constant connection to the internet, it's often hard to remember the days of dial-up.

The thought of switching on a bulky PC and hearing that violent, strangled sound of your modem supplying you with frustratingly slow glimpses of the web might bring back misty-eyed memories of the past, yet it's actually the terrifying present for many people.

Shockingly, AOL still have 3.5 million subscribers that use its dialup service. Many of them use it as broadband isn't available in their area which we'll allow as a legitimate excuse. But many others have either forgotten they're signed up or they still think they need a dialup account to access their email.

Although AOL have lost 630,000 dialup users this year, they've also added 200,000 in the same period. Okay, that we don't get. Sadly, dialup still provides AOL with the majority of their profit.

Now, just for the memories (and lols)...

(Image: Rex Features)