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21 times the original Sims was gah do caraweeb hushizey

All our fondest memories of the original, greatest Sims game

21 times the original Sims was gah do caraweeb hushizey
Danielle de Wolfe
03 August 2016

The year was 2000. The Millennium Bug had come and gone, leaving barely a cough in its wake. Your PC had not turned rogue and murdered your entire family, and instead sat with its large derriere calmly sprawled across your desktop.

What to do? What to do? After exhausting your scribbling-on-MS-Paint-and-filling-the-spaces-with-the-paint-bucket-tool capabilities, you turned your attention - if you were lucky enough - to The Sims. The original. The number one. The father. 

Though there have been Sims games since, none have ever compared to the original. Why? Because you inevitably did all of these 21 things, that's why. 

Setting off fireworks in your home because you were the master of life and death

Typing in cheats that were milling around the playground, only to find out they were all lies

Then discovering 'rosebud' and typing ;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;! after it to stretch the cheat to its limits

Taking dark and terrible pleasure out of making your Sims pee their pants

Having your expectations set up for the rest of your life

Like, multiple times

Wondering how the burglar fit your flat screen TV in his tiny little swag bag

Enjoying the simpler time when Comic Sans was a legitimate font choice

Being denied certain expansion packs because they were just too damn rude

Taking the ladder out of the pool and waiting to greet your old friend death

Getting your first ever crush on Bella Goth

Waiting 30 minutes for the game to load, playing for another three, and getting bored

Coming to the early realisation that hedge mazes > gardens

Living that pink flamingo life

Accepting that the music would never, ever leave your head

Forgetting to pick up your papers and feeling the paperboy's wrath

Never questioning the eerie sparseness of Neighbourhood 1

Stalking the local graveyard to try and spot a ghost

Getting the sickest rides to work and school

Trying to make toast but

Trapping the pizza delivery guy in a fence but then being gutted when he just disappeared anyway