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20 Signs You're In A Style Rut And It's Time For A Wardrobe Revamp

20 Signs You're In A Style Rut And It's Time For A Wardrobe Revamp

20 Signs You're In A Style Rut And It's Time For A Wardrobe Revamp

The fashion world can often be an overwhelming and rather bizarre place. But that doesn’t mean your style should be stagnant. Check against these signs to see if you’re in need of a wardrobe change. 

1. You have a work uniform

It would be fine if you were a paramedic or a soldier, but if not you should have to think about what to wear in the morning. Ditch the go-to's and switch it up. 

2. You have the same T-shirt x 3

Yes, the sales are practically unavoidable and you’d be a fool to ignore them. But when you all your t-shirts are the same in different colours, it’s time to widen your shopping pool. 

3. You’re still wearing Band shirts

There’s a time and a place. Like at a concert. Or when you’re 17. That time has passed. 

4. You still have clothes with your university emblem

As long as these stay firmly within your house, as hangover sweats then you have a pass. But let’s be real, these were never cool. 

5. You still love your bow ties

The actual tie has been resurrected, lay this one to rest. 

6. Tweed is your only idea of smart

You shouldn’t be saying goodbye to tweed for ever, but the days of wearing casual tweed are well and truly over. Opt for other fabrics, such as linen for summer. As long as the tailoring is right you’ll still look slick. 

7. You can’t let go of your Nike Roche’s

Yes, they are undeniably comfortable, and go with most of your wardrobe. But they also go with most of everybody elses, deeming them no longer a style staple. Even Primark has ripped them off. 

8. Your Oversize check coat is your winter saviour

In the last year, looking somewhere between a well groomed school boy and an expensive blanket stopped being cool. And rightly so. Opt for a classic pea coat without the print. 

9. You have a slogan print t-shirt

These should never have had a place in your wardrobe anyway. 

10. You stick to black, white and grey

Yes, monochrome is brilliant. No it doesn’t just mean wearing black and white. Let some colour into your life. 

11. Most of your underwear is novelty

Still wearing Rudolph on your derrière? It’s time to say end this.

12. You express yourself through your socks

Socks are a tricky thing, the height of which can totally affect your outfit. But deciding to demonstrate your kooky side through crazy socks does just the opposite. 

13. Your beard is your style statement

Your beard should be something you feel comfortable with, a well groomed addition to your head. But an impressive beard cannot hold too much responsibility, and your threads should speak louder than your chin. 

14. You can’t snap out of suspenders

Functionality, check. Fashionable…not anymore.

15. You’ve been wearing these boots for the last three winters

Any man who has been near a media office will have seen these boots knocking about for the past few years. It’s time to upgrade.


16. Your belt is fraying

If anything says you’re in need of a change up it’s the fact that your belt is falling apart. It also makes whatever you’re wearing look weathered, but not in the distressed way you think. 

17. You get your inspiration from the same shop every season

You’ll never get out of your rut if you only shop at one clothes hut.

18. Your family nails your chistmas presents every year

If your mom still knows your style, chances are it’s not stylish anymore. 

19.Your hair has never changed

Even if you aren’t at the cutting edge of fashion, your barnet can update your look with one fail snip. Change up your hair, and you’ve got a wardrobe reboot in half an hour. 

20. Your idea of layering is throwing on a jumper

Layering is an art you must master if you wish to make it through autumn/winter unscathed by the fashion police. A hoody or jumper just doesn’t cut it anymore.