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20 incredibly stylish watches that won't destroy your bank balance

They aren't just for telling the time, you know

20 incredibly stylish watches that won't destroy your bank balance
20 December 2017

While we’d all like a Rolex, Tag Heuer, or Patek Philippe timepiece, sadly, they aren’t very easy to come by. Luckily, that doesn’t mean we have to go without a great statement watch: there are thousands of styles, shapes, and sizes to suit all budgets. 

I mean, let’s get it right: we still wouldn’t say no to a Patek or a blue-and-gold Submariner but while we’re waiting for Santa to get his act together, here are twenty of our favourite and most affordable styles – and they’re all £50 and under. Bargain.

  • Timex Men's Expedition Acadia

    All black everything with the Timex Expedition: a classy, minimalist timepiece that packs enough craft and quality to rival a watch double its price.


  • Swatch Petroleuse

    With a dark green-blue silicon band with matching detailing, this statement colour watch stands out from the crowd. (Try and keep the colours worn around it quite neutral mind, or else you might look a bit… wacky)


  • Reclaimed Vintage Inspired Chronograph

    Exuding understated cool, this Reclaimed Vintage timepiece is a classy and cheap way to update your wrist wardrobe.


  • Casio Wave Captor

    Managing to somehow look like it’s from 2027 and 1983 at the same time, the chunky, tech-y Casio will never go out of style for a certain sort of man. 


  • Sekonda Men's Skeleton Dial

    For men who actually know what words like chronometer, bezel, and tourbillon mean (or can quickly Google them), it’s a real treat to be able to see the cogs of your watch at work (that’s the ‘tourbillon’ bit, btw).


  • Swatch Black Rebel

    Subtle, stylish and sleek: sometimes all you need is a minimalist rubber watch to up your wrist game. This Swatch classic is perfect for when you need some simplicity in your life.


  • Accurist Silver Quartz

    A striking watch with a classic stainless steel bracelet, a midnight face with rose-gold luminescent hands and day-date display. 


  • Limit Leather Watch

    An ASOS exclusive, this bargain watch will never go out of style and revels in details like an especially nice typeface on the digits. Ooh, look at that 6. 


  • Casio AQ-230GA-9DMQYES

    Such a catchy name! This classic gold-bracelet watch is half-digital, half-analogue, and all great.


  • Thumbs Up EQUWAT Equation Watch

    You are roundly considered the most annoying person everyone you’ve ever dated has ever dated but this watch… is undeniably jokes.


  • Timex Steel Bracelet Easy Reader

    A favourite of nineties dads and grossly underpaid nurses working crippling schedules saving peoples actual lives, this stretchy stainless steel braceleted Easy Reader has got all demographics covered.


  • Limit Pilot Style Watch

    The pilot watch is always in and we think it’s pretty safe to say that the combo of black watch face and brown leather strap is a Look which has dominated stylish wrists this season… combing the two for this price? Forget about it.


  • Sekonda Men's Quartz Watch with Yellow Face

    A chrome-plated every day watch meets something a lil’ bit special. A pop of colour will elevate any outfit (and yellow is surprisingly versatile). 


  • Lorus RXN51BX9 Men's Leather Strap Sports Watch

    For the sportier men among us, a puny watch just won’t do: we need a chunky timepiece that can resist all the rugby, football, and swimming in our lives. This one definitely looks like it can withstand all weathers.


  • Marea Watch 35269/1

    With a black ion plated case and face detailing that neatly compliment the textured strap, this water-resistant watch is casual and cool. 


  • Lorus Silver Metal Watch

    Mixing an on-trend silver metal bracelet with gold detailing and multiple dials, the Lorus gives you everything you need from a watch at a very reasonable price.


  • Sekonda Blue Dial Watch

    …or if you prefer a petrol blue face (and eight extra quid in your back pocket).


  • Timex Easy Reader Gold

    Good afternoon, respectable early 20th century gentleman. We’ve been expecting you.


  • Infinite Black Snakeskin Watch

    Some people like a long rectangular-faced watch. We’ve all seen a million round watches, right? Nice to mix things up sometimes. (It’s not made of real snakeskin, don’t worry.)


  • Limit Men's Centenary Collection Full Hunter Pocket Watch

    No, we’ve never had one. Yes, we’ve always wanted one. At this price? What better way to break your “Oh, well, I guess I’m one of those guys now” seal?