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20 great pieces of Star Wars clothing to prove your fandom

May the fashion force be with you

20 great pieces of Star Wars clothing to prove your fandom
03 December 2015

Star Wars: The Force Awakens is nearly out and we couldn't be more excited for the return of the biggest franchise of all time. 

But while we're booking our advance tickets, analysing the cast and predicting what will happen in the movie, we can show our excitement through the medium of fashion.

Bring on all the branded socks, trainers, T-shirts, jumpers, pyjamas and hats in the world - we want them all. 

Chewbacca Socks

Every Star Wars fan has a T-shirt, hoodie or hat - but only the truest lovers of the franchise own a pair of Chewbacca socks.


Star Wars Sweatshirt

Clean, clear and simple: this sweatshirt is perfect for the man who wants to show the world how much he loves the happenings of that galaxy far, far away without needing to go into any more detail. 


Star Wars Short Sleeve Graphic T-Shirt

Both a geeky slogan t-shirt and weird chat-up line all in one. Which is fine. Sort of.


Eleven Paris Star Wars Rebel T-Shirt

The sort of thing Tyler The Creator would wear if he decided he wanted to go big on Jedi love.


Stormtrooper Watch

Be reminded of your zeal for Star Wars every time you tell the time with this nifty Stormtrooper watch - and the branded box might just be our favourite bit.


Star Wars Room Shoes

Shuffle around in Star Wars style with Darth slippers. Extra points for wearing them to the shops on a Saturday morning and wielding your newspaper like gossip enthused lightsaber. 


Chunk Star Wars Class of 77 T-Shirt

Ever wondered what Yoda looked like back in his cringeworthy class photo? Well, now you can display nine of the quintessential Star Wars characters as they would have looked back in ’77 on your chest. It's a dream come true.


Star Wars Speckled Snapback

If you love Star Wars but also want the choice of removing your obvious devotion to the movies depending on the crowd, this versatile cap is your friend.


Star Wars Vintage Airliner Bag

As far as manbags go, this has to be one of our favourites of all time.


Star Wars Superstars

What's cooler than Star Wars superstars? Star Wars superstars you can customise, down to whether you want Darth Vader on the shell toe. Awesome.


Darth Wader T-shirt

For each Darth Wader T-shirt sold, £9 will be donated to The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds  - so you'll also be doing something good.


Star Wars Beanie In Blue Fair Isle

There's nothing better than a warm bobble hat in the winter - especially one displaying the most famous film logo in the world.


ASOS Relaxed Longline Long Sleeve T-Shirt With Star Wars Print

Comfy and cool, this is the kind of thing any Star Wars devotee can wear forever, even when all the new movie hype dies down. 


Chunk Jedi Height Chart T-Shirt

We all still have a height chart on the door frame back at our parents' house, so why should Yoda be any different?


Star Wars Ultra Light Down Parka

Cold? Well, then why wear a boring old jacket when you could wear this ultra-warm parka which also displays a variety of Star Wars spacecraft? Geek chic at its finest.


Star Wars Flannel Long Sleeve Shirt

Add some pizzazz to your go-to flannel T-shirt with hundreds of Yodas plastered all over your chest.


Star Wars Christmas Jumper

A new Star Wars movie, plus Christmas at the same time? This leaves us with only one choice... and the old Christmas jumpers our nans knitted us won't quite do the trick this year.


Star Wars Pure Cotton T-Shirt & Trousers Set

True Star Wars aficionados don't only care about how they're dressed in the daytime - using their sleepwear to show their fandom is of paramount importance too. 


Darth Vader Christmas Jumper

Be the coolest kid at the Christmas tree with Darth Vader's knitted face beaming out from across your chest. 


Star Wars First Order Logo Print T-Shirt In Relaxed Skater Fit

Want to show you're a Star Wars disciple loud and clear? Wear this traffic-stopping T-shirt and you'll leave no shadow of a doubt.