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20 great bobble hats you need to wear this winter

Time to wrap up warm...

20 great bobble hats you need to wear this winter
17 November 2015

Now that the weird transition between autumn and winter has finally passed, it's time to dig out last year's beanie hats and start trying to tow the line between keeping our ears warm while we're outside and spontaneously combusting on the tube due to overheating.

The joy of a great bobble hat is in its simplicity. Warm, cosy and easy to throw on with any outfit, they're our favourite winter accessory by miles.

Here are some of our favourites for you to update your beanie drawer with...

Finisterre Esam Beanie

We predict that two-tone beanies are going to be all the rage this winter, if this snug-looking ear-smuggler is anything to go by.


Y-3 Bobble Hat Black

This swish pilot knit beanie will blow all your mates' bobble hats out of the water.


ASOS Star Wars Beanie In Blue Fair Isle

Excited for Star Wars? Why not prove it by wearing a branded beanie? We can't think of a better way to prove our level of anticipation than this.


Patagonia Powder Town Bobble Beanie Hat

Bring the ski resort feeling home with this wintery bobble hat that just says 'meet you for apres-ski at 5'?


Crazy Paving Bobble Hat

When you're wearing an all-black outfit, it's easy to pep up your look with this snazzy orange and blue number.


Finisterre Bowmont Beanie

This limited-edition beanie shows that Fair Isle never goes out of style. 


Howitt Schwing Lambswool Beanie Grey

Comfy and cosy, the best thing about this beanie is that it's slightly too big - perfect for covering your face with when you need a quick nap on the commute.


Diesel K-Arly Bobble Beanie Hat

It's not all about the fancy bobbles, the loud prints and the colourful knits: sometimes the best things in life are the simplest, like this functional grey bobble hat.


The North Face Antlers Beanie Hat

Loud, stripy, and guaranteed to keep you warm, this is a perfect winter staple by the brand that knows how to tackle the cold.


ASOS Bobble Beanie in Green with Elf Design

Feeling festive? This is a great way to prove it - although it may be tough finding an outfit to match, unless you work shifts as Santa on winter weekends at your local shopping centre.


Jack Wills Farleaze Fair Isle Bobble Beanie

Who says you need a giant bobble to make a statement? This mini Jack Wills one packs a punch. 


Ellesse Bobble Beanie

This retro-looking beanie brings a touch of vintage pizzazz to wintery wardrobes. 


New Era NY Giants Bobble Beanie

Whether you love the New York Giants or you think American football is the same as soccer, this cosy beanie will keep you warm - and give the illusion that you're a sports fan. Whether you actually want to give that impression is up to you.


ASOS Beanie in Green with Christmas Tree Design

Plot twist: what if bobble hats didn't even have to include circular bobbles, but could use giant padded stars instead? Mind. Blown.


Hype Bobble Beanie

You might say it's hype, we say we just like to keep our ears warm. 


Only NY Clothing Bricks Beanie

When normal, boring prints don't cut it for you anymore, it's time to look at the brick beanie.


Diamond Supply Co Caroline Pompom Beanie

It's hard enough to wear a giant pompom without people staring at you, so while this style is eye-catching, it's one that should only be attempted by the brave.


Howitt Electric Wool Lambswool Beanie Pullow

When the day is miserable and you need some excitement in your life, this psychedelic bobble hat will serve you well.


Poler Woodsman Beanie

This bobble hat strongly resembles a game of Tetris, so we're definitely going to - ahem - slot it into our lives. 


Snowdon Bobble Hat

Ooh, a flip beanie: but how will you wear it? All one colour or turn the bottom up to make it two-tone? The possibilities are endless...