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15 football tops for the Sunday League hipster

Just because you're off to a match doesn't mean you have to skimp on the style

15 football tops for the Sunday League hipster
08 September 2016

Being a football fan and a hipster can be hard work. There's nothing worse than standing in the terraces with your flat white and gluten free vegan pie and realising that thousands of people are dressed the same as you. Nightmare.

But there is a solution to this. You can combine your love of the game with your love of wearing something that no one else in the same town owns by checking out these 15 top retro football tees. Some from leagues in countries you've never been to but admired with chin-stroking admiration from afar.

Now if only you could get everyone to chant Bon Iver songs instead of offensive rhymes...

Le Coq Sportif's Fiorentina 2016/2017 home shirt


Kaiser Chiefs '70s shirt


Score draw retro Manchester United 1999 home shirt


Cali soccer sweater


Holland 1974 number 14 retro football top


1989-90 Juventus Home Shirt


Germany 1988 home jersey


A.C. Milan 79-80 t-shirt


Retro Minnesota Kicks t-shirt


Liverpool 1982 shirt


Dukla Prague '60s home retro t-shirt


Score draw retro Newcastle United 1996 home shirt


Boca Juniors 2003-2004 home shirt


Ghana 1980s retro shirt


Argentina 1986 World Cup Le Coq Sportif shirt