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11 outrageous 'Star Wars' fan fiction ideas they could use for the new trilogy

A Star Wars/The Office spin-off anyone?

11 outrageous 'Star Wars' fan fiction ideas they could use for the new trilogy

Star Wars-obsessed fans will have already heard the incredible news that we’re getting another film trilogy to add to the franchise. 

Walt Disney announced a deal yesterday to make the three new Star Wars movies.

The company has made a deal with director of Star Wars: The Last Jedi Rian Johnson to make the new films. And it’s also announced plans for a live action TV show. 

“We all loved working with Rian on The Last Jedi,” Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy said in a statement. “He’s a creative force, and watching him craft The Last Jedi from start to finish was one of the great joys of my career. Rian will do amazing things with the blank canvas of this new trilogy.”

But rather than stick to the bog-standard story-lines, why not try something completely different? A Star Wars/The Office spin-off anyone?

Here’s the most out-there fanfic ideas they could use for the next projects: 

  1. 1.Double Agent Darth Vader

    In this story, Vader turns out to be a double agent for the Rebellion and now his primary contact is Princess Leia. 

  2. 2.Dancing with the Star Wars

    OK, we’ve really jumped off the deep end with this one

    “In order to protect Padmé from her enemies, our favorite couple [Anakin and Padmé] is forced to join a Galaxywide reality show.”

  3. 3.Jabba’s New Slave

    This story would be a pretty dark turn for the franchise. Essentially, Uncle Owen’s moisture farm is low on funds and Luke is pimped out to Jabba as a slave. And there’s one things he wants: sex. 

    Here’s a (very creepy) extract: 

    “Put on a show for me, boy,” Jabba commanded. “Take off your clothes.”

    “What?” Luke demanded. “No!”

    Jabba yanked on the chain, pulling Luke to his face, where he could smell the criminal’s horrible breath. “Do it, boy, or I will devour you for my dinner!”

  4. 4.Space-Aged Throuple

    This one’s much more domestic and imagines the characters with regular jobs. Obi-Wan teaches art history, Anakin works at the Tatooine Garage and Padmé is an EMT. And the three are in a loving three-way relationship. Quite sweet actually. 

  5. 5.The Curious Case of Sherlock in Space

    Now to the cross-over genre for a Star Wars/Sherlockspin-off

    “Jedi Master Sherlock Holmes has just been assigned his new Padawan, eight-year-old John Watson, and he is none too pleased. As bitter as ever before, only now with the power to use the Force, Holmes struggles to build a relationship with young Watson.”

  6. 6.Intergalactic Gay Love

    This Star Wars fanfic love story imagines a blossoming gay relationship between the pure-evil Kylo Ren and his Nazi-inspired rival General Hux. I guess love really does conquer all. 

  7. 7.The Truth is Out There

    Of course, there’s one thing the Star Wars universe is crying out for: a cross-over with the amazing 90s sci-fi show The X-Files. And in a way Agent Scully is basically the earth-bound Princess Leia, so this one sort of makes sense. 

  8. 8.Who's in My Underwear Drawer?

    This one sounds pretty dark and we’re not sure we really want to know all the details.

    “Obi Wan, who is 15, returns to his and QuiGon’s quarters to find something slightly disturbing.”

  9. 9.The Sound of Music - Star Wars Edition

    How do you solve a problem like Chewbacca? Read this fanfic and find out!

  10. 10.Frozen - The Ice Queen Awakens

    Animated kids’ film Frozen and deep space sci-fi franchise Star Wars? It’s a perfect match!

    “It’s been five years since Elsa took the throne as queen of Arendelle having fully mastered her powers she worked hard to build Arendelle the kingdom it is today, will that all change with the arrival of this mysterious stranger from beyond the stars? Is he friend or foe?”

  11. 11.The Office - The Death Star: An Imperial Workplace

    This is our personal favourite. An intergalactic Dunder Mifflin. Genius. 

    “It’s not all Tie Fighters and force chokes. Most days just see the Emperor trying to manage goof off Piett, plain jane Asajj, new temp Kurt the Bothan and Darth Vader, the Assistant to the Emperor.”

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