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11 insane food designs to give you Instagram envy

Something to nom your eyes on.

11 insane food designs to give you Instagram envy
24 May 2017

We’re pretty sure that when the gods of social media created Instagram, they only had pictures food in mind. Delicious, mouth-watering food that looks so ruddy good it’s bordering on a work of art. 

We’ve searched out the very best foodie accounts to find the most artistic, best designed grub to feast your eyes on. The kind of thing that makes you instantly depressed about what you’re having for tea, before inspiring you to cook (or even better, order in) something amazing. 

Check them out below.


1. Bubblewrap ice cream

We know you shouldn’t start with dessert, but this @food_feels pic – a ridiculous sweet treat from Chinatown street food vendor Bubblewrap – is just too sweet. If Leonardo Da Vinci drove an ice cream, that’s the sort of cone he’d serve up. 

2. The everything burger 

You might think this burger – with everything drooping out the sides – looked a bit sad. But you’d be wrong. This is a very happy burger indeed, crammed with everything you can imagine, from tater tots to jalapeños. It would be a nightmare to pick up, mind you, but well worth the mess. 

3. Green party 

Something a tad healthier from Instagram’s number one foodie, Clerkenwell Boy. That swirly bit in the middle is avocado, as close to a classical sculpture as a piece of fruit gets. 

4. Half a partridge 

From Brighton-based chef Thomas Griffiths. Who’d have ever thought something’s obviously dead leg strewn across your plate could look so delicious? Classy looking stuff.

5. Chilli dog 

Following the age-old mantra of “pile it on… all of it”. Proof that with huge ambition and touch of finesse the hot dog can rival the mighty burger.

6. Pizza on fries

Here’s one of our absolute favourite food Instas, Foooodieee. Honestly, some of the stuff posted is enough to give you diabetes just by looking at it. Here’s one for starters – a pizza with a base made out of fries. Made out of fries. Pretty sure that’s a feat of engineering as well as design.

7. Rainbow cake pop 

Is it a cake, a magnum, or chocolate bar with a load of sprinkles on? All of the above, thank you very much. That’s some real Willy Wonka-level shit right there.

8. The rustic cheese board

Here’s something slightly more refined – a classic cheese selection arranged to the look like ultimate in artisan food porn. Parma, crackers, pickles, the absolute works. A countrified visual feast.

9. Oodles of noodles 

EatandStructure is another Insta dedicated to hearty indulgence. This utter mess of flat noodles (the best kind, everyone knows that) and prawns is enough to anyone salivating and chopstick-ready.

10. The barbecue platter

Meat lovers, give BBQ Nation a follow. It’s pure carnivore heaven. And here’s the proof – everything you could ever want from the barbie. Right there, on a plate.

11. Mac & cheese pizza 

Just when you thought you couldn’t cram any more carbs onto a single slice, EatandStructure serves up this piece of triangular, waistline-troubling brilliance. We know this trend for pasta on pizza is wrong, so it’s so so good.

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