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10 suits to wear outside the office

Casual tailoring that's more weekend drinks than Excel sheets

10 suits to wear outside the office
08 July 2016

There’s a revolution going on in the world of tailoring. Shirts have been shunned for tees, smart shoes kicked off for trainers, ties hung out to dry for neckerchiefs. It seems like traditional sartorial style is slowly dying out in favour of smart casual (or smasual, if you must), with suits now being worn outside the office and transformed into a weekend uniform.

Still confused at the prospect of wearing a blazer and trousers outside of 9-5? Then here are a few key pieces to help it make sense:


You’d normally associate double breasted fits with an ultra-smart look, but here Topman have dressed it down with a linen fabric, summer stone colour and cropped trousers for a thoroughly modern feel.


Suit Supply

Even suave Scandinavian gentlemen Suit Supply have started styling casually, so you know we aren’t just making this up. Although it’s a fine suit crafted in premium fabrics with a window pane check, it’s been made weekend drinks ready by rolling up the trousers and flicking up the lapels.



Summer suiting can be quite tough to crack, as wearing blazers with matching shorts can make you look like an Angus from AC/DC tribute. But Religion have come up with a great alternative – cutting the sleeves off your blazer. Please don’t try this on your own suit at home, it will not work.



Another U-turn that’s currently happening in tailoring at the moment. The popularity of the skinny fit is declining and slimmer blazers with wide leg trousers are stepping up to challenge it. ASOS nail it here with the faded pink and sandals, giving it a Miami Vice aesthetic that doesn’t feel cheesy.



Jaeger’s new ‘Broken Suit’. Consisting of mismatched separates, the collection responds to a new and more relaxed way of dressing and is engineered to offer a multitude of style options. The jacket and trouser can be bought and worn separately or pair together as a stylish suit combination.

Released August

Mr Porter

This Kingman suit, taken from the incredibly violent and hilarious spy movie, is an acceptable out of office choice with its khaki colour. The slim-fitting profile makes it a considered choice, while the functioning buttoned cuffs are a testament to the label's impeccable eye for detail.



Pinstripes have normally been associated with class A drug fueled bankers, but the look has been taken back from the Patrick Batemans and made cool again by brands such as Gucci, who have given it a summer spin with a fabric mix of wool, linen and silk.



With its patch pockets and slim fit, this deconstructed blazer with matching twill trousers was meant to be worn in a vintage workwear manner, not a professional one. So when it comes to styling think of collarless shirts and a chain to hang from the trousers.


Marks & Spencer

You wouldn’t think you could transform a plain charcoal suit from M&S into a contemporary outfit just with a white t-shirt and a pair of trainers, but when Donald Trump is likely to be America’s next president anything is a possibility really.



Religion strike again with another brilliant summer suit in camel, complete with open pockets, rolled up cuffs and jagged lapels. Its straight fit and rolled up hems gives it a relaxed feel, a perfect answer for abroad weddings when it gets so hot your suit turns another colour with sweat.