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10 souvenir jackets you won’t see anyone else wearing

Bag yourself a vintage version of this season's biggest trend

10 souvenir jackets you won’t see anyone else wearing

Sometimes your pretentiousness gets the better of you and you just want to wear something you know no one will ever have. And with this season’s biggest look, the souvenir jacket, being such a statement, it’d be the stuff of nightmares bumping into someone wearing the same shiny gold, dragon covered jacket as you.

So with this in mind, we’ve scoured the depths of Etsy to bring you one-off sukajans that can be yours and yours alone.

Burgundy tiger roar souvenir jacket in satin


Reversible Geisha souvenir jacket in silk


Traditional Japanese dragon souvenir jacket


Royal blue Japanese gods souvenir jacket


Punk inspired souvenir jacket with dragon, skull and web


Reversible tiger and dragon souvenir jacket


Light blue eagle souvenir jacket


Mount Fuji and Japanese gods souvenir jacket


Dragon and floral souvenir jacket in velvet


Pink satin Yakuza inspired souvenir jacket