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10 men's fragrance bottles that will look great on your shelf

10 men's fragrance bottles that will look great on your shelf

10 men's fragrance bottles that will look great on your shelf

Gone are the days of ensconcing your entire body in the musk of Lynx Africa before heading out on the town. There are all kinds of grooming choices available these days.

In fact so spoilt are we for men's fragrances, you don't just want a bottle that makes you smell like a champ, you want a bottle that also makes you look like a champ.

Read on for the coolest shelf-fillers out there.

Azzaro – Wanted

Why play Russian roulette with that old cabinet of colognes when you can upgrade to this weapon of mass seduction? Exclusive to from 30 May.

Kiehl’s – Original Musk

Sex Panther has a rival: from the bold lettering of the mission statement confidently printed on its label to the murky lava lamp-looking goop encased within, just looking at this manly scent container is enough to make you sprout chest hair.


Clive Christian – No1 for Men

The world’s most expensive perfume (not our words, look at the bottle) has a fittingly ornate bottle to finish it off. With just 1,000 available, ostentatiousness never smelt so good.


Diesel - Only the Brave

Look at it. It’s a fist, clenched and ready to knock your block off… right before rousing you from your coma with hazy notes of lemon, coriander and lemon.


Viktor & Rolf – Spicebomb

At £56 it’ll set you back a fair bit of shrapnel, but still, plenty of bang for your buck here.

Valentino - Uomo

Thinking this deeply embossed party piece could break the ice when your current Tinder squeeze comes over for dinner? Tell us about it, stud.


Paco Rabanne – One Million

We hate to break it to you but you’ll probably never own a real bar of gold bullion. Silver lining: you can make pretend with this alt bottle safe in the mind that baddie from Die Hard with a Vengeance won’t want to steal it for himself.


Jean Paul Gaultier – Kokorico

Looks like a man’s face when viewed from the front and a svelte torso when viewed from the side, this trompe l'oeil bottle would have even David Blaine asking how you did it.


Issey Miyake – Pour Homme

A modern classic so sleek and edgy it might as well be bottled at the Tate Modern.


Davidoff - Champion

Who cares how you apply it. Or, more specifically, how you clean up the mess once you spill it on the floor trying to impress your friends with faux bicep curls. It’s a winner in our books, it’ll be a winner in theirs.