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17 Incredible Halfway Line Goals

17 Incredible Halfway Line Goals

17 Incredible Halfway Line Goals
09 October 2015

Whether speculative punts in the dying moments of injury time or the result of a goalkeeping howler, goals from the halfway line will never fail to provoke nods of approval and groans of disbelief.

Another classic was added to the repertoire of long-range howitzers when the USA Women's team were busy demolishing Japan in the World Cup Final in July. Carli Lloyd scored an incredible hat-trick within the first 16 minutes of the match with her third strike blasting in from the half-way line, catching Japan's goalkeeper Ayumi Kaihori off-guard.

But how does it rank against the legions of long-range classics? We take a look at the very best of the blasters.

1. Charlie Adams (Stoke City)

A goal that saw Jamie Redknapp almost explode with joy during the half-time interval, this was a truly audacious strike against the eventual League Champions in April 2015, measuring in at fully 65 yards. A top, top, top, top, top, top strike.

2. Wayne Rooney (Manchester United)

Roonaldo in glorious action: after shrugging off a challenge, a quick look over his shoulder was all it took before unleashing this beauty. Is it better than Beckham's? You decide.

3. David Beckham (Manchester United)

Wearing the famous United No.10 shirt for the first time, following Mark Hughes' departure, Beckham marked the occasion in style, scoring this incredible goal in the first match of the 1996 season away at Wimbledon.

4. Nayim (Real Zaragoza)

A goal that will forever be the most popular on the list with Tottenham fans, this was extra special due to its time and importance, coming in the dying seconds of the 1995 Cup Winners' Cup. As the match looked destined for a penalty shoot-out, up popped the ex-Spurs midfielder to lob David Seaman from 40 yards and win the trophy. Poor Seaman was to suffer a similar fate 7 years later when Ronaldinho lobbed him for Brazil against England in the 2002 World Cup Quarter-Final.

5. Xabi Alonso (Liverpool)

Alonso scored a fair few long-distance crackers for Liverpool - notably 2 in one match against Luton Town that had a combined distance of 100 yards, but we've plumped for this scorcher against Newcastle in 2006. An astonishing strike that left Toon keeper Steve Harper floundering like a particularly slippery fish.

6. Dean Cox (Leyton Orient)

Scored in the 2013/14 Football League season in a Tuesday night game away at Walsall, this is a stunning strike particularly notable for the speed and flat trajectory of the shot. As Partridge would say, he's got a foot like a traction engine.

7. Richie Wellens (Blackpool)

An absolute corker straight out of park football - this was as route one as it gets, chesting a goalkeeper's kick out and then promptly booting it straight back at him, over his head and into the onion bag. Bonus points for this clip as the beaten Vale goalkeeper was the fantastically-named Jonny Brain.

8. Jone Samuelsen (Odd Grenland)

An utterly insane goal, this is believed to be - and we're not going to question it - the longest headed goal ever scored. He's got a head like a it doesn't quite work does it?

9. Jake Hessenthaler (Gillingham)

Every time a keeper comes out to head a ball, we want this to happen. It so rarely does. All-in-all, not a bad way to score your first ever senior goal. Not bad at all.

10. Saber Khlifa (Evian TG)

An incredible goal scored last season in the French Ligue 1, this is notable as it's just absolutely miles away. We're not sure we could even see the goal from where he took the shot.

11. Stefan Ishizaki (Elfsborg)

A remarkable piece of skill, another marauding goalkeeper was punished - this time with a first-time volley from fully 70 metres away. The next 999 times he tries this it'll go into the stand, but God was smiling down on Elfsborg this day.

12. Moritz Stoppelkamp

Struck in the dying moments of Paderborn vs Hannover, Moritz Stoppelkamp set a Bundesliga record when he helped Paderborn to a 2-0 victory with an astonishing 82-metre goal. With Hannover pressing for an equalizer from a free kick, Stoppelkamp took advantage of Hannover's vacant net with this stunning half volley.

13. Rivaldo (Barcelona)

Yes, it's not as good as his famous bicycle kick, which put Barcelona into the Champions League with the final kick of the 2000-2001 season, but this beautifully deft long-range strike is almost elegantly effortless. You smooth, smooth man Rivaldo.

14. Ronnie Boyce (West Ham)

A glorious retro effort here and, while it's not quite from the halfway line, it's still miles away, and a truly impressive strike. Mud, heavy footballs and comedy goalkeeping - what's not to like?

15. John Bailey (Everton)

Another one from a classic era, this time the 1982 vintage of Everton. This one owes more than a little to the hapless goalkeeping of Luton glovesman Jake Findlay, though, who commits the cardinal sin of letting the ball bounce. The sheer anger of Findlay and the giant grin of Bailey makes this an essential addition to the list.

16. Maynor Figueroa (Wigan Athletic)

Stoke may have scored one earlier in this list, but they also let one in too, with this stunning piece of quick thinking from Honduran defender Figueroa. Spotting goalkeeper Thomas Sorensen off his line, he belted this free-kick in from his own half, then admired it sailing in. Boom.

17. Dejan Stankovic (Inter Milan)

Manuel Neuer must have thought he was some kind of hero after spectacularly diving out of his goal to head away a through ball. Not so. Mere miliseconds later, Inter's Stankovic had arrowed a volley straight back past him into the unguarded net. Utterly ridiculous.

(Image: AllStar)