10 Beliebers that seriously could not handle Justin Bieber's new face tattoo


We all became Beliebers last year, when Justin shocked us all by releasing a load of really great pop songs. So this urgent, important news concerns us all.

The Canadian heartthrob posted this image up on Instagram yesterday, which showed a new detail that, naturally, all of you will instantly notice, as you're such huge fans.

That's right, Biebs is now sporting a tiny new cross tattoo next to his eye, adding to the 50 or so that he already has on the rest of his body.

He added his new ink in New York on Friday:

But, while we endorse the singer's decision to do whatever he wants with his body - we're not judging whether it looks terrible or not, or whether he's desperately trying to look 'hood' despite being the least 'hood' person of all time, or whatever, we're friends right Justin, we're on your side, OK - some Beliebers have not reacted well.

Stay strong people, and Justin: is it too late to say Sorry?