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10 apps that'll help you find your perfect job

It's okay - we're not going to tell your boss you're looking through this list.

10 apps that'll help you find your perfect job

It's okay - we're not going to tell your boss you're looking through this list. 

Job hunting is up there with changing the oil on your car and hoovering behind the sofa in "things we'd rather not waste a Saturday doing", but a growing army of apps is making the process a great deal less tedious.

From search tools to job listings, your commute is about to get a lot more productive.

LinkedIn Job Search

What is it? A job searching tool from the massive business network.

How does it work? Mash in the job title or sector you're looking to get work in, narrow down your search with a bunch of additional parameters (location, experience, companies you like) and hit "Search". You can save all the jobs you like the look of, and apply directly from the app using your LinkedIn profile. 

Best function? Setting up job alert notifications that'll ping suitable roles straight to your inbox. Simple.

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What is it? A job listing/recruitment app that allows people to get regular, part-time work in the hospitality sector (just in London, for now).

How does it work? Download the app, set up a profile, and book yourself an induction with Syft.

Once they've ascertained you've got the right skills (as in, you're not just bluffing your six months of bar experience) you'll be able to browse the Syft app for hospitality gigs as they pop up. Apply with a tap, and employers will be able to browse your profile. You'll then build up a star rating, not unlike the way in which you can 'rate' an Uber driver, which can help you pick up more work on the platform in future.

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What is it? A social network with a professional slant.

How does it work? Desperate to meet other people with an interest in ecology but daren't start asking around on Facebook? beBee's got your back: it's a vast network of professional 'Hives', all based around different sectors and interests. The idea is to find the right Hive for your profession, get networking, and potentially meet your future employers. 

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Intro by

What is it? A digital replacement for your business card - and a platform for sharing your professional details with other people.

How does it work? Create a small, snappy profile on, sharing details you'd like to appear on your digital business card. It might be links to your portfolio, or previous work, or a short paragraph selling your skills. Once you've nailed your design, you can then send this intro to people via an email or phone number. You'll then be able to keep a track of people you've sent cards to via the service. Because who uses business cards any more, right?

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What is it? A marketplace for heaps of services - from graphic design to marketing to video to 'fun' projects.

How does it work? Got an employable freelance skill you think others would pay for? List your offer on Fiverr's vast database, with work offers starting from as little as $5 (hence the name). You can also browse other projects that employers are advertising. Perfect for freelancers looking for some occasional work. 

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What is it? Like Tinder for job searches - yeah, really.

How does it work? We'll be honest, we've not tried this one but the concept sounded worthy of a mention. You create a super-short profile, paying as much attention to selling your personality as your previous job experience. You can then set a region you want to search and start swiping through job roles on offer. It's a growing platform, but one with a lot of promise.

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What is it? An app that helps freelancer designers, web developers, SEO marketers and app builders bid for jobs. 

How does it work? Create a profile outlining your skills and past work, then start browsing projects listed by a whole heap of employers. You can apply stating how long you think the job will take, and what your charge would be. You can then get hired straight from the app. Building up your star rating will help you get more jobs. 

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Job Today

What is it? Search for and apply to short- and long-term jobs (in London only).

How does it work? Moved to London on a whim and realised your plan of walking door to door with a CV wasn't such a good idea? A vast range of employers advertise on Job Today, from coffee shops to retail to sales roles. You set up a profile, start apply with clicks and prospective employers contact you for interviews via the app. It's great, growing service.

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What is it? A tool for finding other professionals nearby and industry events.

How does it work? Set up a profile or link to an existing account on LinkedIn or Facebook, fire up the 'Nearby' search tool and start connecting with a whole bunch of people you never know worked in marketing/recruitment/that job you love doing. You can also discover industry events, registering to them via the app. 

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What is it? A really, really big job listings app with some very helpful search tools.

How does it work? This is basically a search engine with job tools: sift through thousands of job listings from job boards and company websites you might otherwise miss, narrowing your search around proximity, job type, salary and the like. You can then either save the jobs in-app, or email them to an external account - or even apply with the app's internal CV system. 

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