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Superman: Legacy shooting date revealed - time to get excited

The writer's strike is not going to hold back the next Superman movie.

Superman: Legacy shooting date revealed - time to get excited

We now know when Superman: Legacy will begin shooting from the director himself, James Gunn.

Gunn has told the world Superman: Legacy will begin shooting in January 2024, as part of a WIRED Autocomplete interview, alongside his brother Sean Gunn.

You may have stumbled upon one of these before. Famous people are shown Google search autocomplete questions, and asked to answer them.

Gunn was asked what we was doing at the moment. “I’m working on Superman: Legacy, which we shoot in January,” he said.

This was reported as a rumour back in April, but we now know it’s legit. The film is expected to come to cinemas in July 2025.

There was some concern the film’s production would be affected by the WGA writer’s strike. However, last week it was reported by the Wrap that James Gunn had already submitted the draft of the film’s script.

As such, Superman: Legacy’s should be able to avoid further delays unless the strike extends on into 2024, making mid-production re-writes problematic.

Leaving a Legacy

Industry insider Jeff Sneider claims Gunn supports the WGA strike, and therefore will be stepping away from any further writing duties on the movie while the strike is in action.

The WGA strikes aims include to reformulate how payments work for content made for, and shown on, streaming platforms. And to instate standards around the use of AI, to avoid writers being replaced by artificial intelligence tools trained on the work of writers.

We still don't know who will play the lead role in Superman: Legacy, but Gunn has previously teased that someone from the Guardians of the Galaxy series will star in the film.

According to our who should be the new Superman readers' poll, David Corenswet is the fan favourite to take on the role of Superman. He has been seen previously in TV mini series We Own This City and The Politician.