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Apple TV+ next big show is a crime and sci-fi thriller

Who doesn't love a good genre mash-up?

Apple TV+ next big show is a crime and sci-fi thriller
Andrew Williams
06 March 2024

Apple has released a trailer for its next big TV show, and it has us anticipating the series's April 5 launch date.

Sugar is a stylish looking action thriller in which Colin Farrell plays private investigator John Sugar, who specialises in hunting down missing people.

“They tell me you do one thing and one thing only. You find the missing,” we hear James Cromwell’s Jonathan Siegel say as he asks Sugar to track down his kidnapped granddaughter.

Siegel is a powerful movie exec. But as Sugar digs deeper into the case, he finds himself at risk from shadowy forces who want him to stop his investigations. Have a watch:

It sounds like conventional crime drama fare, but it really isn’t. Sugar has a sci-fi twist this first trailer does not really give away. But that just makes us want to check it out all the more.

Sugar is an eight-episode series. We expect to see the first two debut on April 5, before the usual drip-feed of one-a-week releases, teasing out the show’s mystery.

This marks the start of what should be a big year in TV for Farrell. His show The Penguin is also expected to come out in 2024, and charts the rise (or further fall) of Batman villain the Penguin following the events of the 2022 film The Batman.

We get the feeling shooting Sugar will have been a less laborious process, considering the prosthetics required to turn the pretty svelte and handsome Farrell into Oswald Copperpot.

Sugar is created by Mark Protosevich, who wrote the screenplays for big Hollywood movies until about a decade ago. He wrote Oldboy's US adapatation, I Am Legend and Poseidon.

His IMDb listing for the last decade is all but empty, but he did at various points work on scripts for and adaptation of video game Mass Effect, Jurassic Park 4 and comic book adaptation Freakshow.