The first full trailer for Netflix's outrageously expensive 'Altered Carbon' is finally here

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Netflix's massively expensive Altered Carbon has a new trailer and looks bonkers/badass

Netflix’s new $7,000,000-per-episode sci-fi show Altered Carbon is nearly here, and this new trailer shows a lot more of it than we’ve seen up to now. 

It’s all punchy, sexy, hologrammy, Blade Runnery and exciting, plus it features a particularly excellent curtains hairdo.

The show, based on the first novel in a cyberpunk trilogy by British author Richard K. Morgan, follows Takeshi Kovacs, a gangster turned supersoldier turned mercenary in a dystopian future where people’s personalities can be downloaded and passed from body to body - he’s awakened 250 years after dying by a millionaire who wishes to solve his own murder. 

Joel Kinnaman plays the ‘sleeve’ hosting Kovacs in this particular instance, but if the show continues for multiple seasons there’s a high chance he’ll be sleeved in different people every time, which is a pretty interesting idea for a show to go with.

After watching the trailer, we have some questions:

  • Should we get curtains? It’s a pretty classic look, right?
  • What’s with the magic tree?
  • A sleeve comes with combat muscle memory, providing fighting abilities - that is pretty ace, but what does it mean for Kovacs’ handwriting? Eh? Will they go into that? If you’ve got really tidy handwriting, but your consciousness is downloaded into a body with really messy handwriting, what does your handwriting look like? Eh? EH?
  • Is he smoking in a bar in the future? Is that allowed?
  • What’s with the hologram-head guy with the spiky hair, and how come his head (a) gets bigger and (b) faces a different direction when it changes, and what would that mean for something like (i) punching him; (ii) him looking at something; (iii) a piece of sandwich he had in his mouth?
  • And the face he turns into has pierced ears. Right, are the earrings holographic projections or real, and if they’re real, where were they when he had the other face?
  • What if you were kissing him when he changed? 
  • Seriously though, the curtains: good idea or bad idea?

The answers to all these and more will hopefully be found within the show, which debuts on Netflix on 2 February. 

(Image: Netflix)


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