How many of these 30 'Big Brother' contestants can you name?

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Gary Ogden

You remember Big Brother – that programme about all those people in that house? The one that used to have cameras filming 24/7 but doesn’t anymore because everyone realised that watching people sleep was boring? The one with the still amazing theme tune? The one which is on at the same time as Love Island and is actually quite similar but without the sex?

So yeah: that. You remember it, and in your optimistic mind, you can remember the names of all the contestants. But actually, bro, your mind is hella clouded – there’s steam and mist all up in that skull, and actually, you can’t remember any of their names. You’re clueless, it turns out. You can’t even recognise their faces anymore.

Don’t believe me? Have a go at this then:


(Images: Channel 4)


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