'Game of Thrones' fans will definitely enjoy this IKEA toilet display

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You, a frustrated employee of a homeware store sorely lacking in inspiration: Man, it’s so hard to come up with imaginative toilet displays these days. How can we make something designed to gulp down copious amounts of shit eye-catching and maybe even prove our own pop culture literacy in the process? 

Toilet-selling shop (IKEA, we’re told): Easy. 

What you’re looking at right there, reader, is what appears to be a toilet with accessories arranged to make it look like the Iron Throne from Game of Thrones. Either that or they’ve done it by accident, which would almost be just as good. 

The picture was uploaded to Reddit by the excellently named Pirate_Redbeard, who has clearly taken a break from roaming the seven seas to purchase a new bog. He claims The Porcelain Throne (the most sought after throne of them all, you might argue) was spotted in an IKEA. 

For comparison, here is the actual Iron Throne. 


See what they’re going for? It’s not clear as to whether the installation is permanent – it may even have preceded Game of Thrones, maybe the Iron Throne is based on THIS toilet – or if they’ve set it up knowing that anticipation is building for season seven. Maybe they just thought it was a cool way to hang toilet brushes. 

The picture has unsurprisingly gone down well on Reddit. The top comment at the time of writing is naturally the most disgusting: 

Comment from discussion IKEA knows wassup.

There was a nod to Melisandre’s famous line: 

Comment from discussion IKEA knows wassup.

Some very tenuous punning: 

Comment from discussion IKEA knows wassup.

And then, er, this: 

Comment from discussion IKEA knows wassup.

By this point Thrones fans were really enjoying themselves: 

Comment from discussion IKEA knows wassup.

But this succinct contribution probably says it best: 

Comment from discussion IKEA knows wassup.


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