Challenge: How many of the 'Friends' exes can you name?

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Tom Victor

As incredible as it might seem, ‘Friends’ has been off the air for longer than the duration of its entire 10-season run.

‘The Last One’ aired in May 2004, a decade after the show debuted, and those years have seen plenty of partners come and go – some more quickly than others.

While some of the main characters’ relationships are unforgettable, others left much less of a lasting impact, but how many can you remember?

To qualify as an answer on this quiz, a character has to fit one of the following criteria:

  • Entered a relationship or went on at least one date with one of Chandler, Joey, Monica, Phoebe, Rachel or Ross
  • Appears in at least one episode as a named character
  • Is not one of the six main friends themselves
  • Is not in a relationship with one of the six main friends when the final season ends

You have 10 minutes.

(Main image: YouTube/Ivan NBG)