Richard Madeley just out-Partridged Alan Partridge himself on 'Good Morning Britain'

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Dave Fawbert

It’s long been suspected that Richard Madeley was one of the primary sources of inspiration for the character of Alan Partridge.


When interviewing Keira Knightly: “Can we get some make up please, get Keira looking like a crack whore, she’d make a good crack whore”

To Bill Clinton: “I was in a similar position to you. I was accused of shoplifting. But unlike you, I knew I was innocent”

And to Judy: “Remember when you had thrush Judy? You had a terrible time of it”

We could go on.

But Madeley has never let the laughter affect his natural game, ploughing on and not giving one hot damn when he strays into Partridge territory.

And he put his big size nines firmly in Partridgeland on Good Morning Britain this week, with this, spotted by an eagle-eyed Twitter user.

You want some more Madeley-as-Partridge? OK here’s some more.

If Steve Coogan ever decides to hang up his blazer, we know exactly who to call.

(Image: Rex/BBC)