Zidane's son has been sent off for headbutting someone


‘He’s a chip off the old block’

Well considering he’s just tried to knock someone’s block off - using his head - this statement rings pretty true for Zinedine Zidane’s son Luca right now.

Receiving his marching orders in a match for Real Madrid’s academy vs rivals Atletico Madrid, Luca’s show of red mist echoed the moment his own dad was famously sent from the field during the 2006 World Cup final after putting his head into the midriff of Italian wind-up artist Marco Materazzi.

It's made all the more baffling by the fact Luca is a goalkeeper - normally a bastion of on-the-field peacemaking - and wasn't the only one at fault.

Amid a melee of players shoving and even slapping each other, Zidane was punished by the ref for a coming together of heads with another player, who wasn't even booked. Could he have stood out due to his bright green shirt or perhaps, cynically, his surname on the team sheet? 

Whatever the reason, he's just lucky his dad is currently head coach of Real’s reserve side Castilla - otherwise it would have proved quite the awkward touchline moment.