This is the goal that every centre-back dreams of scoring

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Dave Fawbert

Being a centre-back is a bloody tough gig.

Hours of dutifully heading balls away, tussling with that livewire striker who’s like a slippery eel, knowing that one ill-timed tackle will get you sent-off, and the constant threat of miscuing a clearance into your own net.

Of course, these days you’ve got your showboat defenders who can rake a few Hollywood passes out to the wings but, let’s face it, what we all really want is a solid pair of feet to help rack up those clean sheets.

But occasionally – just occasionally – the big lad at the back gets his chance for glory.

And, for Juventus defender Leonardo Bonucci, admittedly one of the world’s very best, it came in the 64th minute of a game against Genoa. His team already 3-0 up, he had the ball inside his own half, looked up for the usual pass out and then thought:


Not this time.

Striding forward like a footballing Moses, the red sea of Genoa’s defence opened up in front of him. One dropped shoulder, and a smidgeon of accelerando later, and the conditions were right for the only suitable course of action: the thunderbolt from just outside the area.

And boy did he deliver.

He’ll be replaying that in his head when he goes to bed in his Juventus duvet and pillowcase set every night for the rest of his life.


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