Fan manages to outdo his incredible trampoline dunk with even better celebration

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Dave Fawbert

If you’re an Atlanta Hawks fan, there isn’t much to celebrate at the moment, with the team on a seven game losing streak, culminating in yet another loss to Brooklyn Nets on Sunday.

However, one fan cheered everyone up during a time out by scoring a truly outrageous trampoline dunk followed by the best celebration we’ve seen since Roger Milla in 1990.

Take a look at this:

Every section of it is sensational: the hesitant, uncertain, this-bloke-looks-like-he-can-barely-bounce-the-ball-let-alone-play-basketball opening; the ludicrously quick run-up that makes you think ‘hmmm maybe this guy actually knows what he’s doing – either that or this is going to end in disaster which to be fair would be equally enjoyable to watch’; the simply ridiculous good dunk itself; the comical ‘rollover’ landing; and then, then, the celebration, the mouth clutch, the forward roll, the bobblebounces, the breakdance spin, the flip up, then the final kiss to his enraptured audience.

If this was Britain, he’d have miskicked a penalty past a clearly not-trying goalkeeper then raised an apologetic hand to the nonplussed audience.

But this is not Britain, THIS IS AMERICA. GO HAWKS!

But seriously, they should get this guy on the team.


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