Dimitar Berbatov goes full-scale Partridge & conducts an interview with himself


Knowing me Dimitar Berbatov, knowing you Dimitar Berbatove, a-ha. A-ha.

Footballers are a funny lot, and few captured the hearts of UK fans as much as the laidback genius of former Spurs and Manchester United striker Dimitar Berbatov, who seemed to exist in a permanently laidback state, yet was still constantly capable of pure genius on the field.

Now the striker, currently plying his trade at Greek club PAOK, has taken to Facebook to explain his actions in a recent game, which saw him receive a red card in a defeat to AEK Athens.

However, instead of the usual mea culpa, he decided to conduct an 'Interview with Dimitar Berbatov, conducted by journalist Dimitar Berbatov'.

Partridge fans, of course, will be instantly reminded of an unforgettable interview on Mid Morning Matters where the great broadcaster interviews himself via a cassette tape, with predictably hilarious results. Steve Coogan even replicated it whilst promoting his latest book:

Don't ever change Dimitar.