Louis Theroux tried to guess Australian slang and the results were just amazing

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Louis Theroux is basically at ‘national treasure’ level now, isn’t he? So he’s not quite David Attenborough yet, obviously, but he’s getting there. From his unnerving profiles of white supremacists and paedophiles to his more recent travels across America, Louis’ dry sense of humour, calming persona and slightly awkward presence have made him one of Britain’s best loved broadcasters. 

And aside from his hard-hitting documentaries, Louis has proved himself to be Actually Quite A Cool Guy. There’s his Twitter feed, for one…

…and the fact that he seriously recorded a spoof voiceover of his work. 

Anyway, now we have EVEN MORE to add to the ‘Louis Theroux is a legend’ pile: this interview with BBC Australia, in which Louis tries to work out the meaning of various bits of Aussie slang. 

“Arvo” and “cozzie” are pretty easy to work out: it’s when the quiz gets to “dinki di” that things get a little bit more confusing. 

The interview was to promote something a bit more serious: his latest series, Dark States. The series covers a number of issues facing America: gun laws, sex work and the heroin epidemic that can be seen across the country. 

He’s even warned that Australia could face a similar epidemic as it makes codeine over-the-counter rather than prescription only. 

(Image: BBC Worldwide)


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