Johnny Depp stars in secret new Trump film (and you can watch it here)

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Chris Sayer

Well, this one came out of nowhere.

Internet LOL masters Funny or Die have made a 50-minute must-see flick that sees none other than Johnny Depp don the trademark dodgy hair and sharp tongue of American presidential hopeful and reality star Donald Trump, with a handful of epic celeb cameos thrown in for good measure.

Like everyone else, we had no idea that this was a thing. And we're still slightly confused by it. However, The New York Times have reported that the whole thing was filmed in top secret over four days in December. 

The film opens with legendary director Ron Howard explaining that he found a Trump-written movie at a yard sale based on his book The Art of the Deal. But forget the plot. It's Johnny Depp. As Donald Trump. In a totally secret and totally hilarious new flick.That costs nothing to watch. That's reason enough to rest your eyes on this for the next hour. 

Watch it in its glorious entirety below.


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