Goalkeeper spear tackles opponent in funniest professional foul ever committed


Sometimes, when a striker is through on goal, you’re left with no option but to commit a professional foul. Trip them up, take the yellow card.

Possibly not, however, when said striker is barely beyond the half-way line and the linesman has already signaled for offside.

But minor details like that weren’t going to stop Cassie Sturtz, the keeper from Pine Forest High School in North Carolina, from storming out of her goal like a raging bull and spear tackling young Riley Barrett from rival Pinecrest High School.

Despite it going down as one of the most blatant (and spectacular) fouls ever captured on video, Sturtz walked away with only a two game ban.

Oh, and since the offside flag had already (incorrectly) been raised, Pinecrest High weren’t even awarded a free-kick.

There is some justice in the world, however, as the offending team did eventually go on to lose the game.