The first Kong: Skull Island trailer is seriously epic


Well they're certainly not monkeying around with this reboot.

You'll be readily familiar with the central elements of Kong: Skull Island: a scientific expedition with a military escort arrive on an uncharted island, and find something that no one was expecting.

There's a little bit of Jurassic Park to Jordan Vogt-Roberts' Kong, with a touch of The Lost World and even a hint of Apocalypse Now: in this sweaty, tense trailer, things begin to unravel quickly for the likes of Samuel L Jackson and his team, as John Goodman's scientist reveals that their ill-fated mission might finally reveal that monsters do exist after all.

And yes, we do get to see Kong - albeit fleetingly. He's big. Really big. Impossibly large. Quite how Tom Hiddleston and a machine gun are going to stop him is beyond us...

Kong: Skull Island arrives in cinemas on 17 March 2017