Another brilliant Stephen King thriller is coming to Netflix just in time for Halloween

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Tom Victor

We’ve just recovered from watching It, and now there’s another Stephen King adaptation ready and waiting to take over our lives.

No, we’re not talking about the legitimately terrifying Gerald’s Game, which made it to Netflix in September.

We’re not even talking about the banned scene from It, the script to which only recently surfaced.

No, it’s an entirely different adaptation altogether.

There’s a brand new Stephen King adaptation coming to Netflix

Starring Thomas Jane, 1922 is an adaptation of one of the four stories in King’s 2010 work Full Dark, No Stars.

It’s a horror drama, due out on Netflix on 20 October, and here’s your obligatory warning that broad plot spoilers will follow.

Jane stars as Nebraska farmer Wilfred James, who convinces his teenage son Henry to help him murder the boy’s mother. But it’s all about what follows the crime.

The feature-length adaptation also stars Molly Parker, best known for playing Jackie Sharp in House of Cards, and Arrow’s Neal McDonough.

it’s a King adaptation, which means it blends horror tropes without always going down the obvious scary route.

However, reviewers seem to be in agreement that the one word you’d use to describe it is ‘haunting’.

It’s one of a number of cinematic versions of the horror maestro’s work, and if it’s successful we wouldn’t be surprised to see some of the other stories in the Full Dark, No Stars collection get the same treatment.

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