Watch the terrifying trailer for 'Mara' and never sleep again

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Watch the terrifying trailer for Mara and never sleep again

And along comes another film to shake your undies to their very core

Another day, another scary trailer - horror is big business at the moment, what with flicks like A Quiet Place and Hereditary doing bits at the box office and landing themselves on many a critic’s Christmas card list. So it’s not a surprise that studios are hastily pumping out as much scary shit as is humanly possible - some which will stick, some which won’t.

Hopefully, we’ve got one that’ll stick for you today, with the creepy new trailer for Mara, which focuses on the absolutely-no-thank-you-I-hate-it concept of sleep paralysis. And as anyone that’s ever experienced it can attest, it’s fully not a very nice thing to endure in any possible way - prime real estate for a horror movie to exploit.

Here’s the trailer:

Yep, no thanks.

Sleep paralysis is a phenomenon whereby your body is half-asleep and half-awake, meaning you’re completely lucid in your mind, but unable to move your body - it is the worst. In the past, the experience has been connected to ‘the night hag’ in folklore, as a way of explaining the experience away - this film takes that rather literally, as can be seen in the trailer.

The movie stars Olga Kurylenko as the unfortunate recipient of Mara’s wrath, and go-to horror movie creature bad guy, Javier Botet (Mama, Rec), as the titular hag.

There’s no UK release date on the horizon just yet, but a Halloween release wouldn’t be out of the question, would it?

In the meantime, if for some strange reason you fancy watching another film about sleep paralysis (why are you doing this to yourself?), then we’d ‘recommend’ The Nightmare, which is absolutely not an enjoyable movie experience in the slightest. Enjoy!

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