Jordan Peele's 'Get Out' has inspired the viral #GetOutChallenge and it's hilarious

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Gary Ogden

So, there’s a bit in Get Out, which is great btw – you should definitely see it – where a scary man comes running out of the dark in a very straight line towards the camera and then suddenly and violently changes direction and runs off into the night. You can see it at about 0.58 in the trailer below:

It’s actually really scary in the context of the film, but taken out of it, it’s admittedly maybe a bit silly. This is something that people the world over have clearly noticed, and as with most things nowadays, they have applied it to an “internet challenge”. We know it’s an “internet challenge” because it’s got one of those hash things on it – they’re calling it the #GetOutChallenge. Oh, and it’s absolutely hilarious. Here are some of the best:

But even better than that, is when it doesn't quite go to plan:

I mean, Forrest Gump was doing this shit yonks ago, but still, at least it’s getting people exercising. 

Make sure you catch Get Out in cinemas March 17.


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