The Ultimate Clash of Kings Quiz

When A Song of Ice and Fire was first snared by publishers, George R. R. Martin's series was envisaged as a trilogy: A Game of Thrones would be followed by A Dance of Dragons, concluded by The Winds of Winter. Three books became four, which became five... and now no one knows how many volumes the saga will span - Martin himself staying decidedly tight-lipped over the matter.

We don't know about you, but we're thrilled the original trilogy didn't pan out as planned. A Clash of Kings is one of the finest instalments of the series so far - with grand battles, power plays and carnage filling almost every chapter. It introduced us to a host of new characters and took us to new realms of Westeros and Essos - worlds we will get to know the history and mythologies of when The World of Ice and Fire reaches shelves on 28 October.

While we await the arrival of this new addition to the series, news on The Winds of Winter and HBO's next season of Game of Thrones, we've created another quiz to test A Song of Ice and Fire fans. Focusing on A Clash of Kings, you'll need to recall all the events of Westeros, Essos and north of the Wall if you're hoping to score highly.


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