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iPhone 8 rumours suggest phone will have curved screen and no home button


The Wall Street Journal are reporting that the iPhone 8 could be available as soon as next year and rumours are abounding about the dramatic new look of the phone. 

Apple’s suppliers have reportedly been asked to increase thinner organic light-emitting displays and superior screen resolution to rival that of South Korea’s Samsung products.

It is being widely reported  that out of the 10 prototypes Apple has been playing with some have a curved screen with NO home button, with a report stating that the futuristic new model will boast a 5.8 inch OLED display rather an LCD screen.

In simpler terms, all this tech advancements mean it’s going to be a hell of a lot thinner and lighter, especially if they’re also made completely out of glass like other rumours suggest. Reports suggest it could also feature an embedded Touch ID sensor under the display as well as wireless charging, which Hon Hai Precision Industry has said to be playing around with.

But with new advancements come new problems. “We will make sample OLED screens, but I can’t see them having the potential to become a big market,” said Tai Jeng-wu, a former a senior executive of Foxconn, now working for Sharp. This major leap forward in tech could take years to perfect, as touch sensors and lens covers would restrict the flexibility of a curved phone, and with the phone rumoured to be available as early as next year, someone must be working some insane overtime to get this sorted.

Image source: Macrumours.com



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