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These are the 7 trends every man will embrace in 2017


Your wardrobe is useless. Put it all in a big wood chipper and be done with it, because it’s so 2016. It’s practically the equivalent of an RIP Harambe. Get with the times, step into the promising and stylish glow of 2017 and invest in these latest trends before they sell out everywhere and you’re suddenly crying over your keyboard while you fork out double the retail price on eBay.

Cowboys are back


Not in a literal ‘I-round-up-horses-and-spit-in-buckets-and-it-makes-a-ping-sound’ sort of way, more of a Hedi Slimane-era Saint Laurent vintage rock sort of way. Embroidered shirts, pointy boots, collar tips and statement belt buckles are all key components in pulling off this look, but we really don’t recommend going the whole-hog and wearing the hat while chewing on a toothpick.

Mountainwear is hitting the city

With everyone going vegan and swapping pints for pressed juices, it’s no wonder that a love for active wear has been born. But don’t worry, if you’re still choking down Five Guys burgers and get sweaty during dinner, the good news is that you’re still allowed to wear it. Padded technical jackets, gilets, fleece and brands like Patagonia, Penfield and Columbia will be bringing the style of mountaineering right to the hearts of cities/craft beer pubs everywhere.

Half and half


Band t-shirts have been all the rage this year, whether that be vintage or actual tour merch from the likes of Justin Bieber and Kanye West. Some people don’t agree with this whoring out of iconic band symbols in the name of fashion (namely me, read my rant here), but there’s something weirdly decent about this split t-shirt trend. But if you’re still steadfastly against it, you can just go for non-band branding and keep your out of whack music ego in check. 

Bike gear will be big


No, not skin tight lycra that will make you want to shout obscenities at passing motorists, just funnel neck collar with zip detailing is enough cycling detail to pull off the Bradley Wiggins mod look, which has been adopted by the likes of Palace in recent months. It can be worn casually with a pair of jeans and trainer, or given a smart twist like the above by wearing it under a suit.

Punk’s not dead


Celebrating 40 years of punk has reawakened a sense of anarchy in the UK (as well as a little thing called Brexit). If there was ever a need for acid wash skinny jeans, Dr Marten’s and studded leather jackets, it’s right now.

Gucci gets the aesthetic right with its range of bleach spotted jeans and personalised leather biker jackets, but we ain’t all millionaires. It also goes against the whole DIY ethos of what punk is about; this look shouldn’t cost you thousands. So if you really want to achieve a rebellious authenticity, grab a tub of white paint and a few sew-on patches from Camden market and create your own unique pieces. Or get your mum to do it. But again, not very punk.

adidas Runner Boosts


The NMDs have had their day (and besides, could anyone actually get a pair before they sold out instantly?), long live the Iniki Runner Boost. Combining the cushy sole of the Boost with retro Eighties colourways, we’re tipping this beautiful Frankenstein of a shoe to to be the Three Stripes’ next classic, because it’s a perfect blend of contemporary and retro.

Due for release early 2017

Souvenir jackets...again


These were the biggest look of the summer when it came to outerwear, but there was just one small problem: nowhere bloody sold them. If you wanted to get in on the look early, you had to fork out an extortionate amount on shipping costs from the Far East. But now they are widely available, with everyone including high street (ASOS, H&M) to designer (Alexander McQueen, Wacko Maria) doing their own versions of the Japanese inspired classic.



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