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You can finally send WhatsApp messages without signal


Wifi on the tube, Branson said. You won’t know when, but it’s there. Sporadically like a game of hide and seek with the top left hand corner of your phone.

‘I’m...*blue send icon goes grey*...on...my...way’, you’ll try to let your mate know before the train leaves the platform and you’re in a black hole of GPRS once again.

Well, in what could be a game-changer thanks to the new IOS WhatsApp update, this first world problem could be banished forever. Yes, you can now queue messages that will automatically send as soon as you get signal again.


Android users can continue to be their smug selves, because they’ve had that capability since last year, but we Apple sheep will notice that instead of the dreaded grey hues that come with no signal, the send button will remain blue and you can still send your message. 

Also in the update is the ability to send up to 30 photos or videos in one go instead of just 10, as well as a better storage management function which allows you to delete message types in individual conversations rather than just general message types. 

What do you mean you can just send a ‘traditional’ text? You’re a barbarian.

Why would you even consider it when you can do all of these other cool things with the app (like use it on a desktop and italicise your text to make a particular point).



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