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These 1970s Cocaine Adverts Are Amazing

The 1970s were a crazy time. Disco was king, the Stones were gods, Bowie was in his Thin White Duke phase, and there was cocaine absolutely everywhere.

According to The World's Best Ever, in 1979, one in ten adults was using drugs on a regular basis, with an estimated $420m a week going on the white powder. And with that much money being spent on the drug, there was a healthy submarket in related paraphernalia, which the great consumer capitalist society of America was never going to be slow to pick up on.

The website has unearthed these incredible adverts from the burgeoning coke era between 1976 and 1981 - it's hard to believe that these were ever allowed to go to print, but, brilliantly, they were.

Cutters, inhalers, nose-washers - it's all here, so take a gander. Just remember, while coke was fine when it was giving us 10 minute long disco epics, it also helped create Be Here Now, so the dangers are obvious. Consider yourself warned.



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