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The 6 Best Titles New To UK Netflix This Week


There's a big old weekend ahead of us all and while, yes, you should be fixing that thing you need to fix or writing that novel you're never going to write, let's be honest with ourselves.

It's highly likely that the TV, and more specifically Netflix, will play a major part over the next two days and while you can enjoy rewatching Zoolander for the 734th time, you can also spend your time perusing some newer titles.

We've gone back through the most recent additions here in the UK and picked out some titles to recommend. You'll have to get your own popcorn though.



How many TV shows revolving around a British nursing home do you know to have been Golden Globe nominated? Possibly not even this one, which despite awards fanfare stateside, appears to have been missed by many viewers on these shores. The Office creator Ricky Gervais' subtler mockumentary, tailing the antics of childlike care home worker Derek, is a deftly crafted and beautifully written piece of television. Best of all, new episodes are now available.

Watch it here



A sprawling piece of science fiction in which Tom Cruise attempts to communicate with aliens and develop special powers to help enslaving mankind. But enough about Scientology – this sci-fi involves none of that. Instead, it involves a doomed earth of the future where everyone is now safely up in space except for workers like Cruise, sent to extract the planet’s remaining resources...all the while avoiding ‘scavengers’. He even has a really cool little motorbike to match his cool outfit, so it’s not all bad. Scored by M83 and beautifully shot, it’s more than worth a watch.

Watch it here


Teen Wolf

Had Tom Selleck been slightly younger when Teen Wolf was being cast, the makeup crew could have saved an absolute fortune on excess hair. As it was, Michael J Fox played the unfortunate high schooler who finds himself turning into a werewolf, and he was the ideal casting, fluffing everything but his lines in this cult classic which bolstered his status as the cocksure everyman we all wanted to be. Just shaven of course.

Watch it here


The Spy Who Came In From The Cold

Based on John Le Carré's novel two years prior, this 1965 thriller, starring Richard Burton as the British spook who allows himself to be recruited by East German intelligence officers, is far superior to any Cold War drama you’ll get today. For good reason, too; tension between East and West had never been frostier than it was back then, while Carré being a former spy himself gave it a gut-punching authenticity few could. Does our hero turn off the immersion heater and save the day? You’ll have to watch to find that one out.

Watch it here


Peaky Blinders

Razor blade sewn in or not, you just have to doff your hat to Peaky Blinders, the BBC’s continuing crime saga which follows the eponymous gang that once stalked the streets of post-First World War. Cillian Murphy repeatedly steals the show as leader Tommy, the driving force behind the blood-soaked brand of villainy. Sam Neill’s spot-on as the Ulster law official, too, which you can now see for yourself as the first season is new to Netflix.

Watch it here



Missing In Action

‘Chuck Norris with a massive machine gun’. You don’t need to be a studio executive to know why this highly silly if highly fun action movie got the greenlight. Then again, with Chuck playing a Vietnam vet haunted by memories of his tour who returns to the Asian state years later in an attempt to rescue American prisoners of war, it’s impossible to ignore the cathartic nature of the film for a nation still licking its wounds. Poor man’s Rambo: First Blood? Probably. Ideal Sunday afternoon viewing which doesn’t require much effort? Definitely.

Watch it here


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