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Minimalist Baseball Stadium Artwork


Bearing in mind baseball is America’s favourite past time, trust a Londoner to take on a series of related minimalist prints and knock them out the park.

The man of whom we speak is Marcus Reed, a former Saatchi & Saatchi ad illustrator recently commissioned to forge some minimalist prints of MLB stadia for a US sports/art collective known as RareInk.

What they got, and what we’re being treated to below, are vivid images laying bare the simplicity and tribal identity of these time-honoured arenas, some more rustic than others. No Gatorade barrels, no flashing Jumbotrons, no fireworks, just colours, logos, the structures themselves and the odd bit of surrounding scenery.

We’ve not got this excited about stating at empty baseball seats since watching Moneyball.

Which is why we're kicking things off with the Oakland Coliseum. See more at Behance.



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