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Incredible Lego Hadron Collider

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LEGO pieces are always going missing, aren’t they? But what if there was a LEGO model that could actually find the missing piece itself? Don’t be ridiculous, of course there isn't.

But now, thanks to a PHD student from the University of Liverpool, it might be possible to construct one that can find a missing piece of the Universe.

Nathan Readioff has painstakingly constructed computer models for building the Large Hadron Collider at CERN, out of LEGO. It's only a theorectical model at the moment but CERN have had success turning theories into physical objects in the past.

The stylised model showcases all four detectors, which are small enough to fit on the palm of your hand, but also contain detailed internal systems – each major detector component is represented by a Lego piece.

Nathan, who works at CERN, wants to see an official Lego set based on his designs and realise his dream of a LEGO Large Hadron Collider.

Your nephew’s Christmas present might take a little longer to build this year (and may accidentally cause a black hole that swallows the Earth and ends all life as we know it).

Higgs boson now included.

Lego Hadron Collider
Lego Hadron Collider
Lego Hadron Collider
Lego Hadron Collider



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