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If you can read this story about a dog and her food bowl without crying then you have no soul


The internet is good for many things: making you laugh, learning things, erm, doing work(?), but the one thing it is best for, is making you cry. I’ve lost count of the times I’ve done a cry while looking at the internet. Like this video, for example. I cried at that. I’m not going to watch it today, I’m just linking it – ain’t bursting into tears at work, again.

Anyway, got myself a new thing on the internet that’s going to make you cry, yo. It’s not a video, it’s a tweet.

Here look:


Are you crying? I bet you are, because that is really upsetting (to me, to you, to everyone).

Of course, as with anything on the internet, there’s no way I can guarantee it’s true, but here are some pics of the dogs – so at least that part is real:

Sorry if that set you off again. OK, one more:

Now, duck down behind your computer screen, wipe your eyes, slowly close the laptop and go to the toilet to get some tissues. Nobody noticed, you got away with it. You do not cry at stories about dogs on the internet.

(Image: @_EasyBreasy_)


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