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Brilliant Joss Whedon Exhibition


Do you long to soar like a leaf on the wind? To stake a few bad guys? Or perhaps take a trip to that cabin in the woods? Then you best head on over to Gallery 1988 for an enjoyable browse of the Joss Whedon exhibition.

The Los Angeles-based gallery is opening an exhibition to the disputed king of nerds (Abrams contests the title) from this evening - and it looks superb.

Running until 27 September, artists have adapted and stylised numerous characters from his many works, including Firefly, Buffy and The Avengers. Head over to Gallery 1988 from this evening to check out the full range and pick up a print once they become available - and should you happen to be in the Los Angeles area, be sure to head over to the gallery from 5pm; the man himself is supposedly making an appearance at the show.

Here are some of our favourite works to be previewed ahead of the exhibit.

(Images: Gallery 1988)

[Via: Fire Wire Blog]



Epic Game of Thrones artwork


Incredible Halo Artwork


Eye-catching Stanley Kubrick Artwork


Tarantino vs The Coen Brothers Artwork


Roger Corman and Joe Dante art exhibition


Tacos & Burritos art exhibition



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