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Best Insurance Ad Of All time?

Forget the fact we’re only 6 days into 2015, we've only gone and unearthed a contender for best ad of the year - if not all time
Aussie insurance company Budget Direct have gone anything but budget in making this lavishly shot ad, with the cinematography every bit as good as the set design. Explosive, endearing and extremely funny, it charts the comical existence of a stuntman who goes by the name Captain Risky and also happens to be quite useless at stunts. Evel Knievel this ain't.
It certainly makes a change from robots, meerkat and other tacky symbols being used to pedal insurance on TV. In fact, with a character this rich we’d quite happily sign up for insurance with this firm if it means seeing another advert of this ilk.
Where do we sign?



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