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There is an island in Japan that you can only visit if you are a man, and naked


So, there’s a tiny island called Okinoshima in Japan, and only one man lives there, he guards a temple and he doesn’t like women. Would you like to visit?

Well, if you’re a man, then you can, but you’ve got to take all your clothes off first.

Basically, according to Shinto religious tradition, you’ve got to whip your kecks off and be “purified” before being allowed on the island. What that entails I couldn’t tell you – I guess it involves the temple guard looking at your knob while splashing it with sea water or something. Either way, he’s come up with a pretty ingenious way to get a load of men to show him their cocks.


The tradition states that women cannot enter the island for they would turn to stone; when in actual fact I’m sure it would be the naked men that would turn to stone should a woman turn up. ZONNNNGG.

The Shinto religion also views blood as an impurity, so any female menstruation would “defile” the site.

The Munakata Taisha Shrine owns the island, and only allows its priests to wave their schlongs about on its hallowed ground – as it’s “an island where gods reside”. However, every year they hold a big dick-swinging festival where 200 lucky naked men are invited to land on the island, show the priests their butts and, I dunno, listen to Diplo.


However, the willy-wanging might soon be in jeopardy – the island has been suggested for the Unesco World Heritage List, which means it could be turned into a tourist attraction. Only to those men that don’t mind flopping their pillocks out for all and sundry, anyway.

However, the chief priest at the Munakata Taisha Shrine, Takayuki Ashizu, is none too keen on this – he says:

“We wouldn't open Okinoshima to the public even if it is inscribed on the UNESCO cultural heritage list because people shouldn't visit out of curiosity.” 

I wouldn’t worry mate – I doubt it’ll be the most popular attraction in the country. I prefer to go to places where I’m not required to have my bum washed by an old man.

Maybe that’s just me though.

(Images: Wikipedia/YouTube)



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