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10 Most Expensive DVD and Blu-ray Box Sets

How much would you pay for a special edition Blu-ray of your favourite movie, or a box set of your most beloved TV series? What if it came with a bust of the main character? Or with some cards? Or in a coffin? What if it just came in a regular box, but you just had a ton of money to spend? Here we present the most expensive box sets we could find outside of Sotheby's. You're welcome.

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  • Alien Quadrilogy Deluxe Alien Head Limited Edition DVD Box Set, £264.99

    Alien Quadrilogy Deluxe Ali…

    £264.99 may seem like a lot of money, but can you really… More details

  • I, Robot Deluxe Sonny Head Limited Edition DVD Box Set, £264.99

    I, Robot Deluxe Sonny Head …

    £264.99 is not amount to be sniffed at, but what you have… More details

  • Dark Shadows: Complete Original Series (DVD), £372.65

    Dark Shadows: Complete Orig…

    This camp 1960s "gothic soap opera" inspired Tim… More details

  • Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - Seasons 1-7 (DVD Box Set), £394.99

    Star Trek: Deep Space Nine …

    All seven seasons of the least boldly-going branches of the… More details

  • LOST: The Complete Blu-ray Collection, £456.78

    LOST: The Complete Blu-ray …

    Was Lost the best or the most frustrating TV show in… More details

  • Scarface (Blu-ray), £528.14

    Scarface (Blu-ray), £528.14

    This edition of Scarface comes in a hand-crafted humidor… More details

  • ney Classics DVD Box Set, £575.00

    ney Classics DVD Box Set, …

    How many Disney titles would you expect in a £575 box set?… More details

  • Terminator 2: Judgment Day [(Blu-ray), £679.25

    Terminator 2: Judgment Day …

    If you're wondering how Skynet started, it's actually… More details

  • Harry Potter - Limited Edition Blu-ray Collector Box Including Elder Wand, £999.95

    Harry Potter - Limited Edit…

    No, that's not a typo - this Harry Potter Blu-Ray box set… More details

  • The Ultimate Star Trek DVD Collection, $3,869.90 USD

    The Ultimate Star Trek DVD …

    This whopper, which roughly translates to a UK price of… More details

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