How to get Facebook's new Reactions to work

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"How is everyone accessing these new Facebook Reactions? I just keep 'Like'-ing things like it's 2015."

Don't worry, you big dummy.

Here's how to access the new assortment of emotive reactions on desktop and mobile.

  • How to get Facebook's new Reactions to work


    • Open a new Facebook window in your browser
    • Head to a status you want to "react" to
    • Rather than clicking "Like", you just want to hover your mouse over the "Like" button

    • React away. Chances are if you're as acerbic as we are, you'll want to slide all the way along to "Angry" straight away, because we still haven't got a "Dislike" button
  • How to get Facebook's new Reactions to work 1


    • First, make sure you're running the latest version of the app. Head to your App Store/Google Play Store and check to see if it's queued up for an update
    • Open the app and head to a status you want to "react" to
    • A quick tap of "Like" will see you like the status in the 'old fashioned' way. To get the new reactions, you need to hold down the "Like" button 
    • This will bring up the new reactions. You can then tap the preferred empathetic face you wish to display
    • Note that this option currently isn't available for individual comments. If a comment makes you angry, you're just going to have to outline your anger in words


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