Visual artist imagines Netflix’s Stranger Things as a video game


Borderline pastiche, undoubtedly brilliant, Netflix’s Stranger Things has tickled our nostalgia like someone holding a Troll's hairpiece under our nostrils.

And now, prodding it some more, here comes visual 2D artist Jacob Janerka, whose love for this sci-fi series has seen him toy with a point-and-click tie-in adventure game – the first few frames of which you can see here.

Keeping in line with the retro vibes of the show itself, it utilises the sorts of graphics you’d associate with an Atari, an Amiga or an early desktop PC, while the show’s mystery theme appears perfectly suited to the point-and-click style, which sees Hopper’s blunt law enforcer and Joyce’s grieving mother in a light-strewn home where players can scroll over items (pills, hammers, lights).

Split between the real world and the dark and dingy next dimension known as “the Upside Down”, it would certainly make for a novel gaming experience. So can we expect to see it on an app anytime soon?

Stranger things have happened...