Could Motorola's classic RAZR flip phone be coming back?

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David Cornish

Nostalgia's calling. 

Cast your mind back to 2004: Chelsea were on their way to the top of the Premier League under the guidance of José Mourinho, Shrek 2 was setting new box office records for an animated film and phones still folded in half.

The handset of ultimate desire was Motorola's super slender Moto RAZR V3 - a metal slither of excellence, rocking an electroluminescent keypad and aluminium body. It remains one of the best-looking, most functional smartphone designs of all time, which would explain why Motorola is looking to bring it back.

Under the guidance of new Chinese parent company Lenovo, Motorola is keen to reinvigorate their smartphone business with a new Android Razr - but it's only teasing the good old days for now. The following advert arrived online this month, promising more news arriving Thursday 9 June. 

Will it see a return of a physical keyboard and a touch screen display in an 'old school' clam design, shunning the modern trend of massive pocket-filling screens? Could it incorporate two touch screens? Or will it just be an old RAZR V3 with a bigger battery? We'll find out in a matter of weeks. 


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