A grandson just transformed his 85-year-old farmer grandfather into an absolute style icon


Take a look at this man. He’s 85-years-old and he’s a farmer from the rural Fujian Province in China. Looks like your average grandpa, right?

Well he’s not. He’s actually the coolest grandpa you’ve ever seen, something that was noticed by his photographer grandson Xiao Ye Jie Xi, who decided he’d give him a slight style update and take him for a walk around town.

The walk produced an array of snaps in which Jie Xi's grandfather looks like one of the most stylish guys we’ve ever seen. The pictures in question, as seen below, went viral on Weibo (Chinese Twitter) and the rest is style history. Seriously, look at the way this man carries his new look.

If he’s not the front of some kind of designer advertising campaign by 2017 we’re going to eat our (slightly less fashionable) hats.


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